[translation] Akashi’s Q&A


Scan from volume 21, where Akashi answers the questions from the fanbook. I tried translating them. :>

01 Please let us know what you do on your off days!
I suppose I often go horse-riding.

02 What makes you start basketball?
Perhaps because I find it fascinating how both brain and technical skill are necessary to play it.

03 Within the Generation of Miracles, whom do you get along with most?
Shintarou, I suppose. We also spent a lot of time together in regards to our position in the club.

04 On the other hand, within the Generation of Miracles whom do you get along with least?
No one. If I have to answer, then Daiki. There are occasions where we couldn’t get along due to his rowdiness.

05 What is your most fun memory during middle school?
There’s not one in particular, however, I did like the time I spent with everyone on the basketball club.

06 Whom do you get along with most in your current team?
There’s also not particularly anyone, but I have many chances to talk with Reo.

07 What is your favourite type of girls?
I like girls with dignity.

08 Outside basketball, what do you enjoy most?
I often play shogi for a change. I enjoy it whether there’s an opponent or not.

09 What is your weakness?
Nothing in particular.

10 What is basketball to you?
A way to improve myself.

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